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Arthur Academy Charter Schools use an incremental, mastery-learning approach for teaching basic subjects of reading, math and language found in a series of detailed, pre-planned programs called Direct Instruction. This specialized approach to teaching for the foundational subjects of reading, math, spelling and language skills is based on a comprehensive model of instruction. This model is a way of teaching that also defines our charter school option. Providing this model is based on the belief that a powerful way of teaching exists that is not being utilized in most schools, and therefore our charter schools offer it as a choice.



Every single student, regardless of ethnicity, parental income, learning difference, culture, or native language, will become a fluent reader and will master the academic and intellectual skills necessary to succeed at the next level of schooling.


Our school community is a place where students, staff and families are valued and respected, honoring our diverse cultures and experiences. We work together to provide a safe, welcoming environment in which all students thrive and love to learn!

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13717 SE División, Portland, OR 97236 
Teléfono: (503) 252-3753   Fax: (503) 760-1204

Arthur Academy no discrimina en ninguno de sus programas, procedimientos o prácticas contra ninguna persona por motivos de edad, ciudadanía, color, discapacidad, nacionalidad, afiliación política, raza, religión, orientación sexual, condición de veterano o cualquier otra característica. protegido por la ley.

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